LN894 14/03/2016

Just a week into our voyage and we have experienced a whole gamut of sailing conditions. Last night we skidded along in a squall auditioning for Master and Commander. This afternoon we are enjoying the blue sea/blue sky/gentle sunshine variety of sailing, while our laundry spins clean below. While we are on domestic details, the fantastic meals being provided to us must merit a mention. All thanks to our great galley team of Ali, Kass and Roxie.

We are expecting to reach Santa Maria tomorrow morning, and anchor there in a sheltered bay until conditions are favourable for us to make our way to San Miguel: our first, eagerly anticipated stop.

Forward Port Watch: Stuart, Becky, Charley, Chris, Eileen, Greg, Kel and Philip.

PS Contrary to what was reported in an earlier blog, as the victims of being incorrectly awoken at 23.30 in the morning it wasn’t quite as funny as it was made out to be!