Day 5

Last leg under motor, arrived at Itajai after a delicious lunch of ribs [thanks Dave].  Nellie expertly brought in by the holy trinity of Chris, Tamsin & Olly [who managed to miss the bank!!]

The welcome party samba band struck up just in time to drown out all instructions from the bridge to Lesley & the ever willing crew in their effort to bring Nellie alongside. Good exercise for the crew including practice rowing whilst protective covering expertly placed around the ropes.

In the meantime press & photographers arrived along with the ships agent who insisted in standing on one of the lines – quickly put in their place by the Bosun!!

Itajai is a town with hidden depths yet to be discovered…  but some crew members did manage to find a fabulous fish market and a welcome bar and were able to provide the locals with British entertainment .. thanks to Andy & Terry who should be recommended for stand up! Jason meanwhile seemed to find a new disciple in his position of ‘Lord’ – who with beer in hand declared him to be a ‘very special person’ – confirmed by the ‘Lord Nelson’ on his T-shirt.

At 1a.m ‘dotty’ is still safe & sound in her hiding place next to the hull – wow betide any intruder who goes anywhere near as the night watch teams are armed with a very large yellow searchlight.

No more to report save that there are 7 crew members still unaccounted for who have presumably plunged the hidden depths of this town never to be seen again – until breakfast!!

Night night!

Frances & Anne (and Aft Starboard – Jen, Anne, Jason, Karen, Olly, Frances, Andrew and Andy)