14/06 LN869

After leaving Douglas Bay in the morning of 13th June we eventually found some wind and set sails and went sailing in a northerly direction which everyone enjoyed. After sailing for a few hours  in the evening due to running shorted on sea room the captain decided to ware ship. We then sailed in a southerly direction, the wind dropped and we slowly went past Douglas and made our way on a southerly course overnight. On the morning of the 14th we attempted to ware ship again to get the ship heading in an easterly direction the wind dropped completely and the captain decided to use the engines to make some progress. A team of hardy souls went aloft to harbour stow sails to make the ship look tidy. Being Sunday we had roast beef for our evening meal, at about 19-30 we dropped anchor position 53N2751 003W2081 where we stayed the night.

This comes courtesy of Aft Starboard Watch.

Andrew, Ruth, Teresa, Paul, Dave and Piers.