14/07/15 LN872

We have arrived in the fjords of Norway after a taxing voyage across the North Sea in a mixture of storms, rain and moments of being becalmed. We fought to continue to be in the race until the last moment but as the weather continued to turn against us it made the captain come to the tough decision to motor the last leg as the wind dropped to the extent where it looked like we could not finish …. So a timely arrival in Aalesund at a  reasonable time was now the contingency plan, Not only are there the usual crew change over items but our presence at the celebrations to be put on by the Norwegians is vital. The big party will be on 16th July.

Although we lost a jib in the storms, the ship is in fine form and all our crew mates seem to be happy and enthusiastic. The highlight yesterday was Mislav’s birthday! Lots of friendships have been made, particularly among the Youth Leadership at Sea sailors. For many somehow life back home may now seem a bit boring.

We are now dressing the ship with flags ready for our meeting with all the other tall ships in the harbour and no doubt lots of publicity from Norwegian television.