So, another day in paradise! We left Anguilla yesterday morning and we are heading towards Bermuda. Since leaving our anchorage loads has happened, we saw 3 ships, flying tuna and something what Beth and Margret described as an alien attack. There were loads of UFOs flying around during our watch from 8pm to 12 midnight and they flew right over us, strange green flashes in the sky. Even now we have no idea what they were but it did let our imaginations run wild!

This morning we were all woken by Derek making a wake up call saying that there was a whale far off behind us, many of us raced up on to the deck in the hope of catching a glimpse of this rare sight.
Someone who I am not going to name (MP Vicki!!), just came up to the bridge to show us what she and her friend have been up to. We looked at the rigging of the fore mast and noticed a pair of the Captains shorts which had been hoisted up a flag halyard. The Captain blissfully unaware due to the fact she was still doing her yoga with a couple of the voyage crew.

If anyone doesn’t know which port we are going into at Bermuda, it is Saint George’s. Chris is quite desperate to get to Bermuda in the hope he can find a phone shop where they can extract any info off his phone onto a memory stick or something. Especially his diary which he wrote every day until the day he lost it. However he is now writing as much as he can up in a book with the help of the other youth leadership at sea members. Apart from a fire drill this morning and some awesome biscuits for smoko, our day in paradise has been fairly quiet and relaxed, hopefully it will end with yet another glorious sunset.

I would like to apologise to ROGER as I spelt his name wrong (accidentally) the last time I did the blog for the watch. Margaret has given me a stern telling off and I am very sorry. Chris would also like to say hi to his mum, he would have phoned but he no longer has an operational phone.

Forward Starboard;

JC, Beth, Chris, Amelia, Brian, Jude, Jim, Margaret and James.