LN902 14/08/2016 – Aft Port watch.

It’s a new crew on-board now for the voyage from La Coruna to London. After a busy day yesterday getting briefings from Captain Chris and Mate, Lesley and then followed by evacuation drills, an introduction to helming, getting our harnesses fitted and climbing aloft, those who had not headed for an early night in their bunks stood at the rail watching an atmospheric firework display through the mist that had descended throughout the day. Georgie and Robin did a “Harbour duty” through the night and Lauren was allocated  ”mess duty”.  All were up sharp for breakfast. After more training on “bracing the yards” some of our watch worked to bring the gangway ashore. We then headed out of port with all the other tall ships and made our way to the gathering point for the “parade of sail”. Unfortunately due to the fog we could only see two ships ahead of us but loads of small craft round about us wishing us farewell. At last we headed out to sea. We have learned about sighting ships and using the Azimuth ring. The fog lifted to a bright sunny day and now the wind has increased as has the swell. Motoring now with “fore and aft” sails set to help steady the ship.