STW 18

Melbourne to Hobart

Friday 13th September to 22nd September 2013

Captain: Barbara Campbell

1st Mate: Jon West

2nd Mate: Iain Kerr

Bosun: Jim Phillips

Chief Engineer: Alan Grant

2nd Engineer: Tamsin Smith

Cook: Dave Stanley

Medical Purser: Elizabeth Turner

Supernumerary Deck Officer: Rob McDonald

Supernumerary Medical Purser: Gillian Murray

Cook’s Assistant: Pam Johnston

Bosun’s Mate: Alice Thornton

Bosun’s Mate: Alan Fisher

49 Voyage Crew from: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territories, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland) Wales, Scotland and England


Saturday 14th September 2014 – Day 2

We joined the ship yesterday in Williamstown, just over the bay from Melbourne, & after grabbing our luggage, which for some had been left in the ‘dry’ bar, we were shown to our bunks – generally they are bigger than we had anticipated & very snug. After storing all of our kit we were issued with our waterproofs (not the most attractive but hopefully they’ll serve us well) and harnesses, used for going aloft.

Captain Barbara, First Mate Jon, Chief Engineer Alan & Medical Purser Liz briefed us on what they expected from us, where we were going & when. After all the briefs we were treated to afternoon tea, better known as smoke-o, including beautiful ship made chocolate cake (compliments to the chef, Cookie Dave!) that was until the general alarm was sounded! We hurried to our muster stations and quickly got our life jackets on (the readers of this blog will be pleased to know that the drill was for training purposes only). With no time to rest the excitement continued as all of the able-bodied voyage crew had the opportunity to climb to the first platform & go across the yards – this was a truly great experience for those who took part & we’re now looking forward to climbing to the very top of the mast (weather conditions permitting).

After a delicious dinner we enjoyed the Dutch sailors playing their fiddles, aboriginal dancers & a magnificent display of fireworks from the bridge, followed by a crew party in the Pirate’s Tavern.


This morning was busy: breakfast, handing the gangway & launching the D.O.T.I. boat before we could leave the quayside. We had a great send off by friends, family & the locals & in return they were treated to a rare spectacle of a flotilla of tall ships, all sailing to Hobart in Tasmania.

Best wishes to everyone who is following Nellie on her round the World adventures from Alli’s army (& airforce).

Aft Port Watch – Alli, Alex, James, Stu, Roy, Anthony, Glenn, Dutchy & Terry