In the true JST spirit of inclusivity, and for the first time in 32 days (the girls are going soft on us) the token males on port forward watch have been tasked to write todays blog. Lizzi, our watch leader for the day, is delegating tasks left right and centre. The SODS opera is progressing nicely, others are swotting up for tonight’s inter-watch quiz and all through this we are expected to keep a vigilant look out for vessels (does Lizzi not know that blokes just aren’t designed to do two things at the same time unless it involves eating popcorn on the night watch?!). As we approach land most of our feathered friends have now left us (one way or another!) although we have gannets flying about the ship and a couple of dolphins playing in the waves.  We are making over five knots and should hit the English Channel sometime Monday or Tuesday. There is a sweepstake predicting the time we cross the line between Ushant and the Isles of Scilly and it is hoped the winner will have enough to buy the watch a round of drinks.  If Captain Chris wins, however, we hope there will be enough for everyone on board to share his celebrations.  It’s been a fantastic voyage but you detect a building excitement from all on board at the prospect of meeting up with friends, families and loved ones next Friday (and a hot bath, a large gin and tonic and a newspaper that is anything less than a month old!)

Forward Port (popcorn watch)

(Andy, David, Sherwood, Lizzi, Jess, Mary, Helen, Linda and Philippa)