Another another day in paradise!

Not far to go now! (about 200ish miles or so left!)

After lunch yesterday, Jay and George conducted a presentation to the voyage crew about the different lights and shapes that they might see when we go into port in a few days time. This was very informative and any questions that the crew had to ask, were answered. Hopefully we can now rely on the crew to navigate us into harbour!

Shortly after Jay and Georges talk, the wind decided to blow it’s last gusts before dying completely. Just before dinner, to everyone’s excitement, we handed all square sails, set the staysails and outer jib and turned engines on – (booooooo! 🙁 )for the first time since Cape Verde!! 😀 HOORAYY!. We motored through the night and, as there wasn’t much swell, most people managed to get a decent nights’ sleep without the worry of being tossed out of their bunks!

This morning, the wind crept back again resulting in us setting all of the sails! (MORE SAIL!) We are currently sailing along quite nicely at 4.2 knots – wait. 3.4 knots… (still in the right direction I might add!)

Seeing as it is Sunday (hip hip hooray!) there is no happy hour! This has most of the crew feeling lost and disappointed that they will not have the opportunity to stick their head down a head or clean all on deck windows even though they will get salty again very soon after…

Another Birthday today! HIPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MATTHEW!! We hope you have an amazing day! 😀

Now that we are nearing our destination, conversations have sparked up about what people will do, eat and drink when they get shore leave! The most common answers are; Sleep and go to the beach…

Looking forward to seeing land! Until next time!

Aft Starboard- Beth, Jay, Luke, Phil, George, Georgia and pirate Jo!