Day 33

The Day of the Egg Drop

It finally arrived. The eggcitement unbearable. Weather conditions were bad for sailing but perfect for the latest competition: throw an egg from the main top as far as you can, landing on the ship without breaking. Seemed simple enough. Then you factor in the rigging and interesting roll of the ship at a massive 2 knots.


Our Eggs-pert judge

Aft starboard a.k.a ‘Team Nat’ got their heads together several days ago when the gauntlet was initially laid, built the contraption yesterday under secrecy, and brought it out for all to see today. Many eggsperts were consulted, including our eggseptional eggrodynamic speggcialist Professor Al Bumin (also known as Dick). His presentation won the hearts and minds of the judges, eggsplaining using accronyms and diagrams the workings of our design – a very unaerodynamic box, decorated with great skill to look like a chicken. The inspiration for the design was from a sea shanty sung by our very own Sweeney, the most annoying ‘Chicken on a Raft’.

photo34 photo35

The Presentations

All four watches plus the BMs eggsplained their designs before the main mast, then the gallant pilots climbed aloft to launch. Who were we to choose? With three Australians in the watch it was a simple choice. We were in the southern hemisphere; Aussies whitewashed the Brits in the Ashes, it had to be Colin.

photo36 photo37

Complicated statistics and even a sea shanty

In a speggtacular display of spin bowling which would impress the great Shane Warne, Colin weaved our craft through the rigging, somehow impailing itself on the azimuth compass before an amazed crowd. We would like to add that our craft in no way damaged the compass.

Other designs included a beautifully crafted Albatross, space rockets, and a bottle-shaped chicken. In a rare occurrence all crafts landed somewhere on the ship.

Forward Port sent theirs the furthest but the egg did not survive. All other eggs landed intact. Aft starboard was the next furthest and the impailing luckily missed the egg which was inside a monkey fist, loo roll and scrunched magazine. Our David cushioned the landing of the BMs efforts on the bridge, the other two landing on the deck house roof, one having bounced off the mizzen mast. The brave captain climbing up to secure these entries before they slid into the sea below.