Day 5 Out of Bermuda…the weather has been mixed so far. Beautiful warm and very sunny first day. Left Bermuda in much cooler weather and headed out to sea on Day 3. Headed south to avoid weather front and then took sails down as wind decreased as predicted and fired up the donkey in order to maintain progress. During overnight we tacked to a more Easterly course to pick up more favourable winds. Life on board settling down into a routine as the crew become accustomed to the day to day management of life on the Lord Nelson. Inevitable sea sickness has taken its toll but most people are today feeling much better and getting back to normal. Sunday brings a different routine as Captain Chris allows us a more relaxed afternoon. The log indicates 300 nautical miles (NM) travelled so far and approximately 1400NM before we get to the Azores, our proposed next port of call. After an enjoyable and comfortable day of motoring at 6-7 Knots all hands are called to set sail…..(hooraah, to the joy of the crew) soon to be galloping along under canvas and making sailors of us all.

Signing off for now

Aft Starboard Watch – Dick, Alan, Sharon, Paul, Justin, David, Gary, Margaret & Belinda