LN894 15/03/2016

Today is Cadet Blog Day.

Here goes… Today we awoke to windy but sunny weather and ‘Happy Hour’ was spent scrubbing the decks to the tune of Mamma Mia. Nothing makes crewmen work hard like Abba’s Greatest Hits! Suddenly LAND AHOY! We spotted the small island of Santa Maria dead ahead and set off up the mast to get a better view. We anchored and proceeded to lunch which was an unreal combination of a burger and spicy wedges which we hoped would be followed by a nap but soon found out the Bosun had other ideas. The three of us were set the task of cleaning out the vegetable locker after some rough seas dislodged an egg or ten. It was an egg-hausting experience, and one we shell never forget. It was such a yoke! Others climbed the main mast and had to hold on for dear life as the winds were pretty gusty. Later the clouds moved in and a mad scramble ensued to return the 1100 eggs to the locker as quick as possible but be we ended the job soaked from head to toe and never wanting to see another egg for a long time. The three of us are looking forward to a few days off in San Miguel before we set off on the 1300 nautical mile journey to Southampton.

P.S. Sorry for the egg puns.

P.P.S Charley had no input into this, probably doing his hair.

By Joe Finlayson and Rachel Vassallo (and Charley Jess, but not really.)

(P.P.S. I now feel really wicked that I made Joe clean the heads too!- Still he is a cadet….. nursey)