Day 3 – Sunday 15th September

Last night at anchor in Capel Bay we had an excellent if slightly chilly BBQ – to show the Aussie that British Engineers can do BBQs too.

Today saw us up anchor and start on our way out through the headlands. We set the sails and with a myriad of small vessels to see us off and we started on our way. Spirits seem high with the anticipation that our journey has properly started. The weather has come to the party for us and the sun is shining bright with clear skies. (For anyone with a taste for JST history you should know that we sailed out in company with the brigantine Soren Larsen – and in fact as I type we have used a windshift to our advantage and overtaken her – Max).

Forward Port: Lucy, Max, Pauly, Mark, Alex, Rudi, Craig B, David and Craig M