STW10 Day 33

Lord Nelson is currently heading towards Plymouth and expected soon to cross the Scilly/Ushant line – the look-outs being extra vigilant for this 2b pencil-drawn mark.  Unsurprisingly, we are seeing more shipping as we approach the English Channel. Two fishing vessels were sighted on our 2000-0000hrs watch yesterday, one on a potential collision course with us.

Appropriate avoiding action was taken by Lord Nelson when the other vessel claimed to be engaged in fishing, although the fact that it had been tracked travelling at nine knots for several miles led to some doubt about the veracity of this claim!

The first hour of that watch (which on that occasion started at 1930hrs) was manned by Watch Leader Natalie and Aoife alone. This was because the other members of the depleted Aft Starboard Watch were busy in the bar winning the ship’s quiz!

At 1030hrs this morning virtually the whole ship’s company assembled at the Stern Platform to listen to a presentation by Aoife and Jess of their “Log Line” project, reconstructing the method used to measure a ship’s speed in the days before modern technology took over. An excellent presentation, well received by all those present, will form an important part of their “Leadership at Sea” skills assessment.

Finally, a wildlife update. Sadly, the growing bird colony which has been hitch hiking on the ship seems now to have deserted us. Perhaps news has got out of the terrible fate awaiting any passing bird life that darkens the inner sanctum of the galley!

Aft Starboard: Natalie W/L, Aoife, Ben, Bob, Chris, Chris, Colin, Sam, Stewart.