Hello everyone from the sunny Caribbean. The sea is blue and the sky is clear. Wind is just right for sailing – not too bumpy.

We left Antigua 2 days ago and sailed down the west coast of Guadaloupe. Last night, we had plenty of sail handling practice under a beautiful starry sky.

This morning, we sighted flying fish and the birds chasing them for breakfast. We started sailing between Dominica and Martinique, but the combination of wind and current meant that our progress was extremely slow so we steered due south down the west side of Martinique. Later today, we will be in the wind shadow of Martinique and once again there will be much sail handing and the engines will take over. Then we will cut across south of Martinique and head for Barbados.

Nothing has gone overboard yet except for Alan’s beloved insulated mug which was left unsupported on the deck rail.

Dave the chef is continuing to provide wonderful meals – roast lamb, bread and butter pudding last night.

We are hearing that you have snow in the UK. It must be really pretty but we’re not feeling at all jealous as we sit here in our shorts and t-shirts.

Forward port: Maggie, Gill, Andy, Paddy, Chris, Alan, Jeff, David.