Day 4

At just after 3pm on Saturday 15th March, there we were; Cape Horn! Whilst the weather was fairly benign (no bad thing for the few who were still finding their sea legs), it still felt pretty momentous for all of us, who have read the books and dreamed the dreams about sailing past such a landmark. We set some sail and took full advantage of the photo opportunity, before about turning and retracing our steps as we headed off for the next destination.

Quiet watches on Saturday night, in calm and dry conditions took us into the next day and with wind in the right direction we started off setting some staysails, followed by square sails later on in the morning. At present we are sailing at around 9 knots in pleasant (if a little chilly) conditions. Captain Barbara led us in a brief service this Sunday morning, giving us the opportunity to think of all of our loved ones back home and reflect on the achievements of the last few days.

Forward Port watch: J.C (W/L), Nick, Augusto, Tom, Jim, Angela and Cl ive