Hi, it is now 1410 on the 16th June, Father’s Day. This morning several fathers were opening their cards from the offspring far away…most cards seem to be from the daughters!!

Yesterday, after a routine afternoon most of the ship’s company took part in a quiz in the Bar whilst the permanent crew kept Lord Nelson on Course. Alan, Stevie, Caryl, Siobhan, Chris, Sam, and Neal, our Watch, then took over, feeling a bit deflated after having come bottom in the Quiz. However, great news that Siobhan made it to the first platform, a great climb, and Laura went up to the 2nd platform, which she says is close enough to the top for now! It was Alan’s birthday yesterday so we celebrated with one of Cookie Dave’s great cakes, beautifully decorated by Asst. Cookie Margaret, who didn’t have enough candles to quite match the number needed!

Today we were able to set the sails at last, finding enough wind to send us on our way, so its lovely to to hear the slap of the waves instead of the noise of the engine. We still see a lot of shipping.

Yesterday a cheeky, colourful, fishing boat decided to dice with death by crossing our bow three times whilst the helm manfully, or womanfully, kept having to change course.

This morning, we had a Church service on the Foredeck, led by Captain Barbara, great singing of hymns whilst those above us on the Yard Arm beam were shouting instructions to each other as they prepared the sails for use.

We have seen porpoises, a few flying fish and one or two birds but not much else, though we marvel at the numbers of small fishing boats on the horizon every night, shining their lights to attract the fish, far away from their homes on the coast, earning a living for their families.

Apart from the usual duties, on this afternoon Watch, we have been asked to make up metres of Baggy Wrinkles! This involves threading scratchy pieces of old rope onto a length of plastic washing line with sort of blanket stich….! This is eventually used to wind around the poles holding the sails to stop the sails chafing against them. Each Watch is competing to thread the most metres on the promise of a bottle of wine for the winner.

Aft Port Watch.