Wed 16 July – Day 29

Our treat on the 2000-2359 watch yesterday was a spectacular moonrise into partially thunder clouded sky, then treating us to a silver reflected road across the dark Atlantic. Waking the following watch we were surprised to find Naomi asleep for once. She was to test the speaking compass at the helm but apparently “Lady Hamilton” has lost her voice.

Porridge for breakfast (YEAH!!!), the first this trip, was followed at Smoko by a birthday carrot cake for Frank, beautifully decorated by Joyce to match the colour and anchors pattern on his shorts. Then the next activity for the residents – a pin rail race. After advice to do some swatting up we were “clewed up” knowing which of the well over 100 ropes on the ship is on which belaying pin. In pairs we raced to be the first to touch the pin named by Oli the Mate. Fwd Port won. On afternoon watch calculations to determine our latitude from sextant sights of the noon sun taxed our brains even further.

Happy Birthday Terry love from Vicki x

Aft Stbd: Mel, Frank, Aoife, Eli, Susan, Karen, Mike, Derek & Pinky