LN899 16/07/2016 – As reported yesterday the light winds meant we were unable to make the first way point. The good news was we were not disqualified, but attracted a time penalty. Sadly the continuing light winds meant we were in danger of drifting into busy controlled shipping lanes so Captain Richard took the decision to start engines and formally withdrew from the race.

Having motored through the busy bit plan b was put into action;- sailing  the old fashioned way with no electronic aids. Radar off, GPS off and time for look out to earn their rations and to navigate by the sun and stars; officers and cadets on the quarterdeck, sextant in hand. (Next stop Cuba?)

Hydraulic assistance to the wheel disabled we got a new sense of how much effort was required to turn the rudder.

Speed was calculated by means of a cadet fashioned chip log- trailed off the stern every half hour.

Sailing in glorious sunshine well fed crew morale remains high although we are hoping the old fashioned ways do not include weavils in the ships biscuits, scurvy and flogging!

Forward Starboard watch;- Stuart, Henry, Rachel, Brad, Bonnie, Colin and Jack.

PS Happy birthday to Stuart’s sister Caroline (age unspecified) and every one called Alba who is 4 years old today