Lord Nelson voyage from Halifax to London

The majority of the crew arrived between 1 and 2pm on Thursday with some slightly delayed by the stop-over in Iceland. Following arrival, settling in and a briefing we were introduced to our fellow watch mates who we are to spend the voyage working alongside at all hours of the day and night. Following a delightful evening meal on deck in the sunshine we meandered along Halifax’s historic waterfront to take in the sights. This includes a mega yacht that most of the crew felt looked good but would doubtless be far too boring to sail home on. As we had to be up early we took an early night ready to be up with the dawn.

Saturday – An early pre-dawn start to take on stores for the voyage was required. Unfortunately we woke to rain and clouds rather than the glorious
sunshine of the day before. We got stores on board in good time and only got caught by a small amount of the rain which started about 6 30 and didn’t
dissipate until 1500 in the afternoon much to the chagrin of those keen to ensure the afternoons shore leave. This has also delayed some of our training in the form of the opportunity to go aloft and see who feels most comfortable at those blustery heights. The weather resulted in many people spending most of the afternoon and evening socialising as we look to cement ourselves as a crew and an effective team before the voyage proper begins.

So here’s hoping the journey goes well.

Aft Port watch – Richard, Peter WL,
Anne, Kate, Linda, Markus, Chris, Pam, John-Carl.