Monday 16th September Day 4

Lord Nelson continues her journey south from Melbourne to Hobart.We could still see some of the other tall ships during the afternoon. Sails set yesterday afternoon made way for some great sailing but overnight the swell and winds picked up and the calm we felt in Port Phillip Bay was replaced with many sea sick voyage crew members (and some permanent!) and a rocky passage across the Bass Straight. We passed King Island during the early morning hours and Black Pyramid Rock later in daylight. Smoko saw the celebration of Billy’s birthday. Happy birthday had to be sung loudly, REALLY LOUDLY due to high winds and Billy’s hard of hearing, a result of his Australian military service. We are currently following the Tasmanian coastline, about 5NM from shore on the west side to shelter from the westerly winds, which lead to calmer seas and more crew out of their bunks! Soren Larsen is 1.8NM to our port side. We have been lucky enough to see some magnificent sea birds as they follow our ship south.

Forward Port