LN905 16/09/2016 – Last night we continued motoring, leaving the North Sea (thanks for looking after us!) and entering into the English Channel.  We came through the Dover Straits overnight and saw the White Cliffs of Dover in the moonlight, with the lights of Dover and Calais twinkling on our Starboard and Port bows respectively.

We awoke to another glorious day with temperatures remaining in the mid 20’s, in fact they didn’t drop below  19 degrees at all during the night.  After breakfast the sails were stowed neatly for harbour and our bar bills settled.  Now we realise with sadness that we are near the end of our voyage.

The Isle of Wight was spotted off our starboard bow at approximately 1pm with the Captain estimating we would arrive in Swanage Bay by late afternoon.  The plan is to anchor overnight and enter Poole Harbour on Friday morning.   It has been a superb voyage, although some of us are wondering whether we had accidentally booked to come through the Mediterranean and not the North Sea!!!  It is with some sadness we prepare to say goodbye to new and old friends but look forward to another trip sometime soon.

Forward Starboard:  Maggie, Vinney, Tony, Clare, Simone, Phil, Ian and Niall.