LN907, 07 – 27/11/2016 Southampton to Las Palmas (via Madeira)
Ruth Critchley

We wake up to breakfast on the deck, accompanied by a dramatic moonset – sunrise. After some sight seeing sailing around the bay, Lord Nelson moors at Vigo, Spain, our first land since leaving Southampton. Naturally most of the voyage crew were keen to venture ashore for an evening out.

The earlier than normal wake up call came as a bit of a shock, particularly after a night of sampling some of Vigos bars. We were ordered to be out of the harbour at 7am, so it was all hands on deck preparing for departure.

With very little wind about we motored across to a nearby island and nature reserve, Ilas Cias. Anchoring up in a picturesque bay, most of the crew enjoyed time exploring the island. Climbing down a ladder from Lord Nelson into the small dinghy to ferry us ashore was a new experience for some, but with some twoing and froing the crew and their pack lunches made it ashore. Many of us spent the day exploring the lighthouses, lagoons and the long sandy beaches. Some stuck to paddling, while a few went swimming, braving the refreshing seawater.

With everyone safely back on board we set of again with the backdrop of a spectacular sunset.

After a delicious dinner, the night watches were treated to a clear and starry sky, lit up by a bright moon. Settling back into the routine of being at sea, we are eagerly anticipating even warmer weather as we slowly make our way south to Madeira.