Day 35

Last night at midnight we bequeathed the oncoming watch a full moon so bright the stars were scarcely visible. Chardonnay and Horatio pressed together on the windward side of the bridge, and together watched the effect of the moon shining like a golden pathway on the water. ‘So romantic,’ he whispered softly in her ear so no other members of the watch could hear. They parted reluctantly when time came to be relieved of their watch and go below to their respective bunks.

During our afternoon watch, 1230 – 1600, we are experiencing steady 14 to 16 knot winds from the north, so sailing between a beam and broad reach, ideal conditions for any kind of sailing! However we are well prepared for the stronger winds that no doubt will assail us as we head further south and towards Cape Horn.

Bosun’s mate (BM) Neil has proved his creative skills with the fiddle as well as the bag pipes. Seriously, he has been hard at work for the past few weeks making fiddles and boxes to fit on the tables in the upper and lower mess in order to prevent our meals and the condiments ending up in our laps. These are no ordinary fiddles, they are beautifully carved with Iwi (Maori) symbols, to remind us of the start of our voyage in New Zealand. Of course the inauguration ceremony of the cutting of the tape was celebrated by all aboard crowding into the upper mess for yet another amazing celebration cake presented by Dave and his Galley right hand assistants Margaret and Tracey. Followed by all aboard signing their names on the reverse of the longest box which will be varnished over and remain as a permanent reminder of those who have sailed this leg of the round the world voyage.

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Chardonnay found herself wedged in the crush between members of her watch as they admired Neil’s handiwork and passed around delicious chocolate cake. Almost inevitably Horatio pressed against her arm. ‘We are not on watch until later, would you like to see my photos of last night’s full moon? Then maybe we can write out our quiz questions together.’ Our watch has been given the subject of ‘sea shanties’ to prepare 10 quiz questions for the inter watch quiz this evening. In order that all watch members can participate, Medical Officer Liz will be on the helm. She is taking seriously advice to wear several layers by exploring the grass skirt section of the ship’s dressing up boxes….. {I have been in shorts all trip – and apparently bikini watch is not appropriate in this far south!}

Forward Starboard Watch
Wendy, Steph, Emma, Liz, Paul, Alan Andrew, Mike and of course Horatio and Chardonnay