The temptation to show our feelings to the unfriendly cruise ship as we left Little San Salvadore was resisted as one would expect of professional sailors. Perhaps wisely the voyage crew decided to follow suit!

With Conception Island and Valentines Day only a few hours away, any ill feeling was soon forgotten and we were soon anchoring off the island described very appropriately,  in the guidebooks as “paradise”. Uninhabited except by the animals protected by its status as a nature reserve, it provided a glorious setting for our day ashore swimming in the crystal clear turquoise seas and walking on the powdery, white sand beaches. Valentines greetings were in short supply owing to the lack of any email or snail mail, but an admiring crew ensured that at least the Captain felt loved (with a card made out of a sick bag!).

Next stop, an anchorage off an aptly named island called Rum Cay which is surrounded by coral reefs and stunning turquoise seas, with the only town named Port Nelson and inhabited by only 70 people.  The only way to get to the island is by sea or to charter an aircraft and consequently, there is very little tourism.  The locals seemed very pleased to see us and provided an excellent lunch and associated beverages. Unfortunately, the beverages were slightly too much for one or two.  It must have been the effect of the heat! The locals were very friendly, ferrying some of our VC around on their golf buggies and in their Jeeps.  Second Mate Lesley was invited to give a talk about Lord Nelson at the one-room school, student population 9, who then came aboard Nellie to look around.

We waved goodbye to Run  Cay at sunset yesterday and started our return northwards, motor sailing to reach our next destination ‘The Berrys’  before the wind changes to the north west and makes progress difficult.

Bill, Ken, Hannah, Richard, John, James and David.  Forward Port