Happy St Patrick’s day to all at home!

Well, here we are, Aft Starboard enjoying a peaceful afternoon watch … including watching Hourglass Dolphins perform for us. Bob (RAB) is on the helm, having taken over from Clive, Tom and W/L Bob are on lookout and Sue and Jenny are below in the bar to write this blog. Jorge is on mess duty.

Yesterday we sailed through the La Maire Channel, at 10pm we squared the yards and handed the main course. We were on the 8-midnight watch and had a mix of rain, clear skies and stars. It was nice to be kept busy and we left a lovely moon shining for the next watch.

One amusing incident was when Captain Barbara delivered an email she had received on the Satellite system for Dave on Aft Port watch (the message was just a cheery bit of news from home). She, at that time, was not able to send or receive any emails so Dave got a bit of teasing from his watch!

It was our turn to do Happy Hour down below and after that was Smoko (no birthdays today – though yesterday we did have cake for Dave’s 66th).

Jon the First Mate gave an enlightening talk on sail handling at the main mast which was slightly disrupted at the end by the arrival of t he dolphins.

We continue to see albatross and Giant Petrels as well as other smaller birds. We are steering 045 degrees so still heading in the direction of the Falklands but with some uncertainty as to whether we will get permission to land there.

Dinner tonight served in the sea view restaurant is freshly caught tuna by Fred the fish!

Captain Barbara has just finished doing a barefoot massage on the mates back many suspect noises were heard!

All is well on Lord Nelson … more news tomorrow.

Aft Starboard – Bob, Bob (RAB), Tom, Clive, Jorge, Sue and Jenny