We’re on our way, the final leg of Sail The World. Before embarking on our trans-Atlantic voyage we will be calling in at Lunenburg – the spiritual home of tall ship sailing in North America.

We bid farewell to Halifax and Vicky, who manned the gangway, fending off any likely-looking stowaways.

Some of the Permanent Crew had already returned safely from their last shore leave, dressed in flattering kilts and tartan mess curtains – pants were not worn! This caused consternation amongst the local female population! Their mission to be given free drinks from a local pub was accomplished.

Our first day at sea! The Voyage Crew were encouraged to go aloft and out onto the yards, hanging onto their nerves, though not all held onto their breakfast!! After that we had a lively presentation on rope work by 1st Mate Steve, dressed in one of his eye-catching and vibrant Hawaiian shirts – does he know that we’re heading for Iceland?! After having braced the yards, we tucked into a hearty lunch of moose-burgers. Dolphins were sighted off the Starboard Beam, along with Gannets diving into the sea around them. Unfortunately the crew member who sighted them omitted to alert the rest of the crew!

From Forward Port

(Sherwood, Lizzi, Andy, Jess, David, Philippa, Mary, Olwen and Helen)