Our maintenance period in Las Palmas has now drawn to a close and our trusty band of hardworking volunteers are either wending their way home or are remaining aboard ready for the start of Nellie’s next adventure across the Atlantic to Antigua.

It has been a very busy time here, and during the last 8 days we have used 45 litres of primer, 22 litres of Midnight-Blue hull paint, 30 litres of white topcoat, 4 litres of grey topcoat and last, but not least, 1 litre of varnish.  In true JST style, seven coats of the latter were carefully and lovingly applied to our ship’s wheel by Naomi, who is visually impaired.  We now have a truly resplendent wheel on the bridge.

There are new curtains in the upper mess, the Bar area and linen cupboard have been tidied to within an inch of their lives by Darren, the MP, and one of the sewage tanks has been painted by Cadets Barnaby and Theo.  Gaz, the Second Engineer, tells me the interior of the tank now looks beautiful – I’m more than happy to take his word for it!

On behalf of Nellie, we would like to give a big thank you to all of our maintainers for working so hard to make her look lovely.

Lesley, Second Mate.