We got up to a beautiful sunny day and another busy day at sea. Happy hour (cleaning) and watch.

At the time of writing the temperature is 29.4oC and we have sailed 3,300 miles and currently our speed is six miles an hour. We are scheduled to arrive in Bermuda tomorrow afternoon.
We have not seen any evidence of sea life for a day and even the fishing line has only caught sea weed. The alien in the form of a green streak appeared again at about 10 pm and this time was witnessed by 3 of the watch.

We changed time zone overnight resulting in the loss of one hour sleep.

At the time of writing members of the watch have taken a step back in time to use the skills that Lord Nelson would have used 200 years ago, using a sextant to determine our latitude. The only difference we can test our accuracy against GPS. The sightings proved easier than the maths that followed, however after much deliberation it was determined that the sightings confirmed the accuracy of GPS, so modern navigation techniques can resume.

We sadly have to report that we can no longer use Chris’s phone sky app to find the stars as after a short period of recovery his phone finally gave up life. However the wonderful starlit sky was not wasted on us as Jim’s I Pad came into use and last night we spent time star spotting. Although Chris still believes his app was better.

We set to work on spring cleaning below decks this morning to get us all back into training for returning to shore life.

The crew have now decided to turn their hands to sea crochet, making baggy wrinkles out of rough string. These go up the shrouds to protect the sails from chafe.
This morning it was declared stalemate in the murder game with 4 survivors.

FORWARD STARBOARD Amelia, Beth, Brian, Chris, James, JC, Jim, Jude, Margaret