LN902 18/08/2016 – This morning the day was slow to dawn through the thick fog as we started up the “channel”.  Yesterday we had spent the day under sail, and while not making much progress in the very light airs it was good to have the engines quiet and listen to the creak and groan of ropes and sheets and the flap of sail. As visibility reduced, the sails were “handed” and on came the motors. Gradually today the fog has dissipated and a warm sunshine broke through the haze, the sea has gone from a glassy rolling calm to little wavelets. Now we can see the Isle of Wight in the distance and many on deck are digging out their phones in search of an elusive signal but seem unconcerned – some almost pleased – if no connection is made and happily put them away again.

There goes the “Bing Bong” announcing 2nd Officer Alex’s talk on buoyage in the lower mess. Hopefully we can retain the information and use it to understand the path we take as we navigate up the Thames in a couple of days.