From calm seas and pleasant weather, the sun shone through as we ventured in Port Davey – forty-five miles west of Hobart – just above the south-west corner of Tasmania. According to those of the United Kingdom, Port Davey looks like the west coast of Scotland – rugged rock-capped peaks with tree-shrouded hillsides and valleys with wide-open bays. We were greeted by pod of dolphins which escorted us into the harbour with amazing grace until we anchored in from the mouth of the port.

The Engineers’ African Sundowner started off our evening events – the contents of this drink shall never be revealed. After a taste of India and a whole lot of toffee, the Captain’s Quiz was on in the bar – who would thought tooth decay was the most non-contagious disease in the world.

The “Scottish” weather – true Tasmanian weather – rolled in Wednesday morning, with cloudy grey skies and drizzle improving. We stayed at anchor to do the wheelchair and assisted climbing, both Mark and Kirsty soaring through the air to the main mast’s platform. Mark also went for an assisted climb along with Sean, Stu and Rocel.

Sailing is delayed until 16:00 this afternoon to await better weather. We will finally be sailing around the bottom of Tasmania then up towards Hobart, anchoring in Adventure Bay at Bruny Island on Thursday night. On Friday, we will be meeting the Hobart’s Lady Nelson and sailing up the Derwent to our final destination.

Mark and Craig FS