Day 11

Hello again folks from the Forward Starboard A team. We woke to find ourselves in the beautiful Bay of Islands in calm waters and glorious sunshine, having just passed our companion Tall Ships in the early hours. Entry into the Bay of Islands was an astonishing vista of breath-taking scenery. At anchor we could enjoy it at our leisure. By mid-afternoon we were called to berth in Opua for quarantine and customs clearance. Meanwhile in the galley, the team headed by cook Derek and assistant cook Tash, produced yet again an outstanding meal of quality comparable to the finest restaurant. After customs’ clearance by our New Zealand hosts we were warmly welcomed at the local yacht club by both patrons and local sailors. Our first venture ashore on the stunning North Island of New Zealand so much anticipated, was not to disappoint.

Best wishes from us all – Alli, Graham, Carli, Catherine, Wendy, Nuala, Pete, Stuart