Stardate 37

Well, mysterious happenings on the deck of the Lord Nelson. Bosun Lesley is convinced that there are buntline fairies messing with her mind. During her regular deck checks on the 8-12pm watch she has detected their dastardly handywork. Whilst regular sailors well know that the line first goes under the pin before coming up and around the fairies have other ideas and start at the top.

Lesley was convinced that all their ‘handywork’ had been undone only to be alerted after morning smoko that the fairies had struck again! The buntline fairies should consider themselves warned. Lesley is on your case.

In other news we are just wafting along, heading more north than east with terrifying gusts to warp 5 at times.

Watchleader Paul had a shock last night, apparently the earlier fumigation of his bunk only attracted all manner of creepy crawlies rather than getting rid of them. Sweeney of course claimed total innocence as she was sound asleep at the time, recovering from mess duties.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the Bosun and the buntline fairies.

Aft starboard: Natalie W/L, Dick, Mike, Fiona, Dave, Sweeney, Meg, Colin