Here in the Caribbean Sea, the date or day of the week doesn’t matter. Today is the day after our Bajan cultural sojourn and another day at sea.

Most people made the most of our stopover in Barbados and were champing at the bit to be let loose after breakfast yesterday. As soon as we had the all clear, people piled into the waiting taxis and headed off in various directions to Hunte’s Gardens, swimming with dolphins, island tours and whatever else that took their fancy. Most eventually ended up in Carlisle Bay for a swim in the warm, azure waters before ending up in the same bar in Bridgetown. Several rum punches later, contented voyage crew returned back for a full night’s sleep (unless you were unlucky enough to have to do a harbour watch).

This morning we did assisted climbs and wheelies aloft. Sam, the adventurer was the first to volunteer, and Jo, seeing the big grin on his face, left her inhibitions behind and was next up. After Dave had his go, it was all hands to harbour stations as we bade farewell to Barbados and set sail for Bequia. We are now meandering gently under sail and hope to reach Bequia tomorrow morning.