Yesterday, a rainy day in the Bahamas was spent in a bar called ‘Flo’s Bar’ on Little Harbour Cay, population 3, part of The Berry Islands, North West of Nassau, where some of the crew tried some fresh conch and more rum.

Rumours would suggest that a certain few may have engaged in some skinny dipping off this deserted island, whilst the others were in said bar!

After returning to the ship soaked from either the rain or the spray in the DOTI boat, a fun time in the bar followed with an eventful fundraising evening. Betting over the horse racing ‘The Lord Nelson Stakes’, was fast and furious and just a few empty wine bottles may have been found in the bar bins this morning!

We were woken early from our slumber at 6:20am today by strong winds and a dragging anchor, so we quickly set off again around the Berry Islands area.

We will set sail after lunch and head the 35 miles to Nassau, where we’re due into at 6pm this evening.  We are all planning a night out on the town for our last night on the ship 😉

See y’all soon! Forward Starboard watch!