LN894 19/03/2016

Saturday 19 March – day 13

We have reached the half way point.  So far this watch we have not seen any other vessels or any sealife, but we have kept ourselves entertained by preparing for a quiz.  Each watch has been asked to write 15 questions.  We hope we have something for everyone.  Can you name 3 countries which only have one vowel in the name?  (The vowel can appear once only – so Canada would not be allowed.)  What is the character Pete Mitchell more commonly known as in the film “Top Gun”?

The cooks excelled themselves with today’s lunch – they are spoiling us with the variety of dishes they are preparing.  We understand that there is cake for afternoon smoko. The sun is shining and all seems well with the world.

(lunch:- babaganoush, red pepper dip, homemade homous, chick peas and spicy sausages  in piquant sauce, with warm unleavened bread. Supper- to tempt you further is a Vietnamese cod delight. Yesterday  Ali, Kas, Roxy and the messmen treated us to steak, crushed potatoes, watercress with cherry tomatoes and scrumptious vanilla and caramel cheesecake- want to sail with JST yet?)