LN899 19/07/2016 – Pardy, FP Watch 

Awoke for a 4am Watch on the Bridge, only to then be brutally murdered by First Mate Steve with a sticky mat in the Nellie murder mystery game.  I should really appeal the manner in which he crept up behind me citing my visual impairment as defence!  Really enjoy steering the ship using the audio compass affectionately named Brenda.  Saw more dolphins and whales whilst on duty.

After a hearty breakfast and lunch, preparations began for the inter watch Great Egg Drop game.  Points awarded for presentation and the furthest distance reached by an intact egg thrown from the main mast first platform.  I wrote an eggcelent song about our voyage loosely based on All Night Long and our affection for the Log (thrown from the stern half hourly by all Watches to measure speed) – see below.

My Forward Port Watch (Mislav, Paul, Ross, Donal, Ryan) did a commendable presentation of All Log Long.  Tom’s AS Watch came first overall after their egg conception surrounded in porridge travelled the furthest.  We came a close second after our wooly mammoth egg ended up intact on the roof of the Chart Room.

Simon the chef served an impressive steak pie for supper, followed by a glorious evening Watch in clear ocean waters.  An eventful day ended with a few well deserved g&ts in the Nellie bar.

Tomorrow, we plan to anchor in the coastal town of Cascais, North of Lisbon.



Well Nellie

the time has come

To lower the egg, have cracking fun

Throw away Ally’s mess to be done

Let Simon’s groovy music play on, play on


Brad’s head shaved from an infestation

Belgian chopper wired to the

stern platform

In Lisbon, we’re going to pardy, karamu, fiesta forever.  Come on and sing along


All log long

All log


People dancing leaving Antwerp under sail Choppy North Sea, I feel sea sick One eyed Jack, blind Ruth race up the rigging Happy hour, a tot of rum, NO clean the Heads yeah!


Keep the log in your hearts, keep it in your soul And the wheel you can’t control In Lisbon, we’re going to pardy,  karamu,  fiesta forever.  Come on and sing along


All log long

All log


Once on the platform, shells come crashing down Dummy lost at sea, Captain Richard frowns Everyone’s murdering their shipmates away Come join Cadet’s party, see how we play Oh, yes We’re going to have a pardy!


All log long

All log


Every shipmate we meet, they’re dancing on Nellie all log long Feel good feel good!