Sail The World 16 Fremantle to Adelaide

17th to 31st August 2013


Total Crew on board 48

Captain: Chris Phillips

1st Mate: Steve Higgs

2nd Mate: Marcin Dobrowolski

Bosun: Jim Phillips

Chief Engineer: Marco Michelangnoli

2nd Engineer: Tamsin Smith

Cook: Dave Stanley

Medical Purser: Elizabeth Turner

Supernumerary Deck Officer: Rob Mcdonald

Cook’s Assistant: Sarah Arntz

Bosun’s Mates: Harry Hicks, Godfrey Jones and Kalai Lao


Voyage crew 35, many new local faces – as local as the vastness of Australia allows.

Crew from: UK, Australia, America, Hong Kong, Ireland & Poland.

Including: 4 maintainers – things still need fixing! We still have 2 heads out of action!! Mike, Martin, Neil and Matt.

Monday 19th August 2013

This is Forward Port Watch on famous tall ship “Lord Nelson”. We have been alongside other tall ships in Fremantle, spending the first few days of the voyage in maintenance. Today, we’re sailing away on the sea and it is a quite pretty day with beautiful weather. Lord Nelson is pretty calm and motoring along. The wind blows a soft breeze on our bow, the sea-swell is calm and the sun shines gloriously overhead. The crew are chilling out and delighted to sight 2 humpback whales and an albatross. What a blissful day!

Forward Starboard: Jarryd, Liz, Lachlan, Kerrie, Andrew, Nancy, Matt, Mike and Cate.