Voyage: BB05 Isle of Man to Liverpool.

Today was our first morning waking up on board Lord Nelson to the 7.30am ‘bing bong’ which wakes everyone up as we can’t set alarm clocks.

We all headed for the mess to have breakfast which was cereal, toast and a cooked breakfast. Everyone enjoyed that and being served by the voyage crew who were on mess duty.

After a bit more training we were ready to finally set sail into nice sunny weather and gale 4 winds supporting us. It was all hands on deck to get things under way with 4 volunteers heading out on the DOTI boat manding shoreside to release the mooring ropes.  Nicki got soaked as they chased back to the ship James Bond style to climb the rope ladder to get back on board the ship to join the rest of the crew.

Right now, lunch has been served , sails set, it was spectacular to see the sails unraveling as we glide along.  Navigation skills, helming , rope handling all went well and we are enjoying getting to know each other.

Watches are underway everyone mixing and making new friends, no doubt we will all catch up with our days events later in the bar.  Moral is high and we are preparing for the next watch and mess duties.

Pam Taylor FP, Barclays Volunteer Crew


Lord Nelson in port at Douglas, Isle of Man, before the voyage