End of the voyage

After we anchored for the night in Gran Tarajal, we awoke the follow morning and weighed anchor and made sail towards Las Palmas. After a lovely sail with dolphins and whales spotted, we approached Las Palmas the next day. The Irene was under sail outside the harbour and was a splendid sight as we got further in the Morgenstern was on her way out of the harbour, also with some sails set.

Once we were alongside in Las Palmas, the Irene then came alongside us. The crews of both vessels enjoyed a scrumptious dinner cooked by Ali, the crew of the Irene provided dessert. Both crews then socialised and many of the crew of Irene listened in, whilst those who had been doing leadership at sea, taught by Beth said thank you to their fellow crew members. After followed a few messy games on the quayside.

The last morning saw everyone up bright and early in preparation to depart the ship, some of them singing their way down the gangway


Farewell and adieu to you fellow sailors

Farewell and adieu fellow sailors in Spain.



Medical purser