Day 38

Hello again from the Southern Ocean (or actually the South Pacific)! We are currently enjoying a brisk 15 knot wind under sunny skys. This is a pleasant contrast – at least from the perspective of making progress—to the last 24 hours when the LN found itself in middle of a large high-pressure (1030.4) system with just a flutter of breeze. For a while we were sailing about 3 nautical miles per hour, and the continuous calculator on the GPS showed we would arrive at Cape Horn sometime in 2016!

Even so, the slow speed did not stop us on the Aft Port watch from enjoying a brilliant moon shining through the clouds and reflecting on the glassy sea.

This morning we celebrated Mike T’s 60th birthday and Steph and Sherwood’s 18th wedding anniversary after meeting on Lord Nelson 20 years ago, with two cakes provided by Dave.

We also admired Kirsten’s handiwork in sewing repairs of the Spanker, and repairing sails on the foremast: Lesley the Bosun on Royal and Stu and Chris on the T’gallant.