LN894 20/03/2016

Hello- todays contribution- can’t say I agree about England, I hear Wales were robed!

Day 14 on the Big Brother Boat (read in a Geordie accent). Currently on watch and it’s a beautiful day.  Wind variable, the sun is out and we have completed 1146 miles.

Underpants still missing as is Mikes card reader – could there be a connection?

All watches focussing on the up & coming quiz which takes place tomorrow – any cheating and you have to do extra mess duty. At last we have managed to get rid of Tim – we can all have a turn helming now – he is so attached to the wheel that he may be taking it home; watch out Captain. Ally has just about recovered after Mandy swung by the other night, pulled down the curtain and landed promptly on top of her;  Ally will never be the same.

Just spotted Phil on the sexton – think he is trying to locate the missing underpants and Mikes card reader – no luck so far.

Enough for today on the Big Brother Boat (said with Geordie accent) – the adventure at sea continues….watch this space. PS Great result for England!