Delivery voyage to London 22/05/2016

As we sit at anchor off Southend waiting to complete our journey to London tomorrow the delivery voyage crew feasted on roast beef and Yorkshire puds followed by fruit crumble and custard before warming up for the JST  Rat Games.

JST Rat volley ball was hotly contested and I am sad to report the first sending off (indicated by showing of the red sandpaper as we are repairing as we go on this voyage) Pirate Bob stood up (it’s a seated game played wearing an eye patch) and lunged forward in the confusion of the game, to pluck a good luck JST rat from the Mate instead of the JST rat in play. After losing this key player the permanent crew stormed to victory over the voyage crew.

Next up was Ratsket ball, a seated game played wearing two eye patches. The player sits at one end of the bar and throws JST rats into an empty bar chair at the other end, helped only by the rest of the bar advising on how to adjust the aim. The entire crew competed and into the final went Barbara the Captain, Lesley the Mate, Alan, Paul, Fred and Sophie, all netting 2 out of 5 JST rats. A tense final resulted in a rat off between the Captain and the Mate and with a surprise run for the line Lesley the Mate scored an impressive 5 raskets out of 5 to secure the rat cup. With scarcely enough time to enjoy her victory she was off to her anchor watch while the rest of the bar reflected on the wisdom of beating Captain Barbara.

Tomorrow takes Nellie into the heart of London to seek her fortune – wish her luck!