20/07/15 LN873

Last night we sailed under engine along the coast. There was quite a swell – Force 4 wind and rain. We were on watch from 8 to 12 We took turns at the helm and at lookout points. Tom took the helm for the first time and was considered a natural. F/S W/L Richard said Hannah was really quietly efficient at waking his watch up to take over from us.  

Some people felt really sick for a while due to choppy seas and retired early. This morning everyone has gained their sea legs. It is now 14.00 and the sun is shining and we started getting  out our sun tan oil for the trip from Hjelte Fjorden to Bergen. We went under a large suspension  bridge past Bergen airport at Flesland. On our way through we spotted a shipwreck caused by bad parking. Then we crossed the Krosfjorden heading for Langenuen we will turn sharp to port into the Hardangerfjorden to moor at Rosendal.

Forward port watch: W/L Marion, Jo, Tom, Hannah, Gordon, Jim, Phoebe, Phillip and Alice.