Day 8 Friday 20th

Yesterday evening we anchored in Snug bay, our second choice after Adventure bay, but most welcome for its calmness. In the evening there was racing in the bar, where much money was betted and much money was made for the JST. Sandblaster won nearly every race until the last when Dobin came first by a (nautical) mile.

Up to a beautiful scenic morning. Sail stowing followed weighing anchor at 10:45 for pilot to Hobart at 12:30. Coming up to Hobart we were able to set the Foretopsail proudly displaying our name.

The Lady Nelson, a local appropriately smaller tall ship, saluted us on our entry to Hobart.

We have now re-joined our other tall ships in Hobart harbour.

On arrival we had our group photograph on the bridge, followed by a Ballad of STW 18 written and sung by Watchleader Heather accompanied by Rocel on the guitar, bringing back fond and fun memories of our last few days together.


The Ballad of STW 18

Lord Nelson is cruising down under

She’s sailing the southern sea –

I wonder if I could sail with her?

O bring back Auld Nellie to me!



Bring back, bring back,

O bring back Auld Nellie to me

Bring back, bring back,

O bring back Auld Nellie to me


So then we all flew down to Melbourne

To join that wee fleet of tall ships

We boarded, were briefed, and were kitted

For this most enchanting of trips.


Chorus: Bring back etc


Then hands aloft, supper and fireworks

The parties went on ’til right late.

Eventually to bed we all tumbled

And the watch didn’t waken the mate.


Chorus: Bring back etc


The second day we were up early

To set out across the great bay;

We finally anchored at sunset

And a barbecue ended the day.


Chorus: Bring back etc


The third day we really got going

We worked hard at setting the sails.

Two – six – heave! Sang out Rob our deck officer

Aye aye from the sweaters and tails.


Chorus: Bring back etc


Four likely lads climbed up the rigging

But one only made it half way;

He should have been called to mess duty

But threw up his tea in the bay!


Chorus: Bring back etc


The Bass Strait was next on the program

With wind and waves up to force seven.

For some it was mega discomfort,

For others it was very heaven.


Chorus: Bring back etc


On day five the weather grew calmer,

And dolphins and seals came to play.

Sails were handed and stowed away neatly

Punch, curry and quiz closed the day.


Chorus: Bring back etc


The ship now lay snug at Port Davey

Next day it was wheelies aloft

But Mark left his wheelchair behind him –

The rest of us felt somewhat soft!


Chorus: Bring back etc


And then came the wind change as forecast

To southwest instead of northeast.

So let go those clewlines and buntlines –

Course, topsail, t’gallant at least!


Chorus: Bring back etc


Who cares if the rain is down pouring?

Who cares if the sea’s a tad rough?

We’ve rounded the bottom of Tassie

We’ll show those landlubbers we’re tough.


Chorus: Bring back etc


We then motored on towards Hobart

On the way dropping anchor at Snug,

Where we had a fun night at the races

And vino was drunk by the mug.


Chorus: Bring back etc


Then on our way up the Derwent

We rendezvous’d with our dear spouse,

No less than our own Lady Nelson

And we promised to have no more rows.


Chorus: Bring back etc


And finally we’ve berthed at Hobart,

At last we can have fun ashore.

We’ve all loved our trip with Lord Nelson

And we’ll soon be back for some more!


Chorus: Bring back etc