LN855 Southampton to Gran Canaria
20th October  – 8th November 2014 .

Captain: Chris Phillips
Mate: Ali Travis
2nd Mate: Lesley Sale
Bosun: Tom Johnson
Chief Engineer: Marco Michelangnoli
2nd Engineer: Gareth Bramwell
Cook: Derek Carr
Medical Purser: Jo Jackson
Bosun’s Mates: Fred Normandale, Bill Cordaroy, Elizabeth Turner
Cook’s Assistant: Victoria McAllister
Plus Voyage Crew: 31 (including 7 cadets)

When we arrived at the ship and were shown to our bunks and stowed our belongings,  it took us a while to find our way around. Some had been on board Lord Nelson (Nellie) before, others had been on her sister ship Tenacious so had some idea of the layout.  Feeling a little apprehensive but excited at the same time, we’re hoping we’ve brought everything we’ll need including enthusiasm and sense of adventure (Oh – and sea sickness pills).

The start of the voyage had a slight delay as the increased wind, normally a good thing in sailing – but apparently not so good when a crane is required to re-attach the topsail yards to the fore and main masts – although this did allow extra time to get us ship shape after 2 weeks of busy maintenance. The Trust arranged a shore visit to the museum for the voyage crew so the permanent crew and dedicated team of volunteers could make Nellie ready for sea as soon as possible.

The MASSIVE food order arrived, we were all amazed how much food and stores were needed for out voyage, it took all of us over 2 and ½ hours to get it all on board and stowed away in the ‘galley store’. There were numerous shrieks of ‘how much jam do we need?’ or ‘how many toilet rolls!’

The delay also meant we were able to join a celebration evening aboard Tenacious to celebrate Trafalgar day, the chefs and ‘messmen’ (voyage crew on ‘mess’ duty that day) prepared our evening meal, Captain Chris gave a speech and Captain Darren from Tenacious proposed the toasts.