Day 39

On watch 8 p.m. until midnight last night. We are a little more than a thousand miles from the coast of South America now, so we have changed course to roughly South-East. At last we have begun the run down towards Cape Horn, with a mere 1,500 miles to go! Whales? What whales . .. ..

On the subject of bunk wars, Watch Leader Paul now seems to be vastly outnumbered by his female opponents. He got back to his bunk at midnight after an exhausting four hours on the bridge, only to find it already occupied by a gorilla, Fred the dummy and assorted plastic bottles. Who knows what atrocities will happen next but he’s gone awfully quiet planning a counter-offensive.

On the nautical front, the Captain’s light fluffy weather has now given way to twenty knots of good sailing wind – great! The target to beat is now 9.2 knots.