After starboard watch log 21st January 2015

Current status:  Oooooo arraagggh me hearties!  There be a fair wind from the East today and we are not in the doldrums, though there has been many a brown booby sighted off the port bow (they are diving for the flying fish).  We are set fair and en-route to Guadalupe.

We arrived in Bequia yesterday giving time off for a day ashore, Mandy, Ron and members of the other watches took advantage of a visit to Princess Margaret beach for swimming and snorkelling with Percy the parrot for company. Ryan and James went for a tour of the island by taxi fearlessly coping with the vertiginous roads from the back of an open top pick-up truck; Rob and Jo had a look around the local shops and market stalls.  And Ron, Ryan, James, Mandy and Liz all tested the local rum punch to make sure it met the required standard.  I am pleased to announce that it did!  Unfortunately Des was laid up in his bunk not feeling to well, so he wasn’t able to sample the local fare – conch fritters (yumm!), and even that real local delicacy, cheeseburger and chips!

This morning we were awakened early to leave the port at 7.30 – but after a period of frantic activity, which involved a great deal of “2-6 heaving”, general groaning, and fair amount of other “nautical stuff” now we have main and foremast topsails and t’gallant’s set, and Nellie is sailing along at a steady 5.6 knots due North!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum and best wishes to all our readers from aft starboard watch 🙂

Ron, Ryan, James, Mandy, Derek, Liz, Rob and Jo.