A wet start to the day scuppered the plan of having the voyage photograph taken however some of us elected to explore Stanley which is a lovely clean town built on a grid system. Some of the older houses were prefabs which were shipped out and assembled on site. Many of these are still in use today.

The cathedral is small but friendly with a lovely collection of hand embroidered kneelers and I am told that the museum was worth a visit too.

A Battlefields Tour had been arranged an d 17 of the crew set off in a minibus after lunch. The tour should have lasted an hour and a half but lasted much longer and was excellent value for money. The guide was really friendly and well informed and the tour also included a tea break in a village hall, which gave a chance to meet some of the local people.

We had a visit from the Governor of the Falkland Islands and someone from the local radio station who interviewed members of the crew. We have enjoyed our time here and will take away memories of friendly people, silly walk penguins, rows of King Cormorants lined up on the jetty and other varied bird life.

Our thanks go to all the Falkland Islanders who made us so welcome.

Aft Starboard. Bob, RAB (Bob), Sue, Jorge, Tom, Clive, Jenny