Rocking and rolling, rolling and rocking through the night. Wine bottles and glasses clanking in the bar and rigging slapping the side of the boat. Suddenly in the middle of the night the boat rolled so far to starboard that I awoke with a start dreaming that we were capsizing .Aghhh..I screamed in my dream as I rolled almost out of bed. “How embarrassing that was” I thought as I hoped I did not wake up my room mate – Rosalie.

We saw a squid. It was half a meter and it was orangey on the outside with pale tenticles. We also saw an unidentified seabird with a large wingspan swooping over the water – Chris

There are lots of waves and lots of water and that’s it!!! – Roderick

It was marvellous pulling on the ropes and taking the helm with the help of the speaking compass. The rolling waves and the movement of the sea are soothing – Andrew

This is my first time as watch leader, and thanks to members of my watch, they are making it very easy for me and as a reward I am going to buy them all a drink in the Azores – Mike Roberts

It is so awesome to be out on the sea  travelling across the world to distant lands.  Someone might say,”how boring to look out and see the same thing everyday.”  Well, every day is very different and exciting.  The wind on the water, glassy or rough, swells and waves might be different every day.  The sun might be shining or the sky may be cloudy.  Where is the weather coming from, stormy or good sailing wind.  There are animals to see, Minke Whales, like the one we saw yesterday, dolphins, birds different in every region or sea.  The life on board is always exciting, always a new adventure. Something to do,  something new to learn and accomplish, but never boring – Randall

The boat is wallowing far more than I could have possibly imagined. The people and the crew have all been very helpful and friendly particularly as I have personally been rather sick a lot of the time – Brian

Signing off for now The Aft Port Watch

Under the inspiring leadership and direction of our outstanding Captain Phillips